The effort you put into preparing your property for sale can be the difference between achieving a standard price or a great price, and it doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive.

For most, the sale of a property comes around only a couple of times in their lifetime, so it is important to get the right advice from our experienced professionals to help guide you as to what is needed to present your property to the market in the best possible light.

When you list your property for sale with Q Pro Realty all our sales staff are involved, we will inspect the property and make suggestions on how to achieve the best possible price for you. Below are some guidelines for consideration:

First Impressions
Buyers drive along the streets in the areas that interest them, so we have a perfect opportunity to make a great first impression with a neat & tidy frontage. Many prospective buyers will keep moving if the property doesn’t look well maintained, unless they are looking for a bargain!

On the Inside
When buyers are looking for a home they want to experience the internal spaces and how they will work for their lifestyle. Give some thought to maximising those spaces by minimising clutter and presenting everything clean & tidy of course!

Sometimes we just get used to small matters that need attention and don’t notice them anymore!

Things like:

– Evidence of damp or moisture in the walls and ceilings

– Doors, windows or gates that stick

– Cracked glass

– Stained carpet

Things like these are turn offs for buyers or negative negotiation points.

Take a good look at the overall appearance of your property and touch up what is needed. Many can be remedied over a weekend at little expense.

A current Pest Report may also be an advantage so there are no nasty surprises when we have a buyer at the table and a clear report can be used as a selling feature for buyers.

Think about what you notice when you enter another persons home. Take note of the small things like pet smells, cigarette smoke, strong food odours, noise and light, the things we get used to but may influence a buyer. Consider how to make the most of the positive attributes of your property.

For vacant properties, we may also recommend the use of decorator furniture for the period of the sale.

Method of Sale

When it comes to selling your property, there are three popular methods to choose from:

– Private Treaty (Sale)

– Public Auction

– Public Tender

Each has its own advantages and Q Pro Realty sales agents will explain the benefits of each method and recommend the most appropriate for your property in the current market conditions.

Our company has successfully utilised all three methods. Where a property is likely to attract more than one qualified buyer in the marketplace, auction allows competitive bidding to increase the final sale price.


  1. Get the property thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
  2. Attend to the overall “look” of the property and ask our agents to advise on presentation.
  3. List any items that may be included or excluded in the sale and give the agent a copy for them to be noted in the contract.
  4. Ensure a smoke alarm is fitted. All residential property must have them and it is noted in the contract of sale.
  5. If your property is let, talk to our agent regarding selling with the tenant in place or if a better result could be achieved with the property vacant.
  6. Ensure any changes or additions to the property have documented Council approval and septic systems or swimming pool compliance certificates are available to attach to the contract as required.